Remembering the 100 Sheet Challenge

By Evan Yeh

Original cover page and participants map from the 100 Sheet Challenge booklet gallery

This has been a time of reunion for the OAS Family. For the first time in over 5 years all members of the Yeh Family are back together in Orange County and collaborating on Oriental Art Supply. This time reminds me of the last time my sister and I were in the same town and primarily focused on Oriental Art Supply. We, as members of the next generation of Yehs, felt a sense of empowerment introducing a novel idea: the 100 Sheet Challenge.

This idea was birthed out of my observation of my Father’s process for mastering a new subject. I saw that he would use an entire 100 full sheets of rice paper to initially explore the subject. Given that this is at least 300 full sized compositions (cutting a full sized sheet into 1/3rds), I wondered if people realized how much even a master artist paints to establish a comfort level with a new subject. I suspected very few people even knew about this much less did it on a regular basis.

So we decided to challenge our extended OAS Family to commit to painting through 100 Full Sheets of rice paper on a single subject. For those who purchased the paper and followed through with the challenge, we published their works in a commemorative booklet that was mailed out with one of our quarterly newsletters.

The entire process was incredibly inspiring as we saw many artists embark on the journey of development through 100 Sheets of paper. Many successfully completed the challenge and many more engaged in it enough to experience satisfying growth as artists. Some went as far as to document their process and the stories were gripping, beautiful and motivational.

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