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Choosing Your 100 Sheets of Paper: Raw Papers

Raw Shuen Paper is the most common iconic paper for Spontaneous style Chinese Brush Painting or Sumi-e and Calligraphy. For the best color intensity, choose Single Shuen, for better moisture control choose one of our Double Shuen papers.

Single Shuen

As important a paper as Single Shuen is we have noticed a strange shift in the single shuen supply. A fairly-priced, quality paper like OAS’s Single Shuen has actually become quite rare. The other papers available are usually name-brand designer single shuens which may be of excellent quality but also come with prohibitively high price tags. The other, more common single shuens are cheaper papers which have become so thin and poorly made that they bleed excessively and fall apart with too much moisture or during wet mounting. It took us many months of sampling to find our current bath of Single Shuen and we are quite pleased with its ability to show brilliant colors and velvety texture like a classic, quality single shuen, with predictable moisture handling, all while still being reasonably priced.

100 Sheets of Single Shuen 27″x54″

P10P: $195.00

10 Sheets of Single Shuen 27″x54″

P10: $28.00

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