Introducing the OAS Mini Flow® Brush

OAS welcomes the newest, smallest member of the Flow Brush Family!

One of our most common customer requests over the years has been for a brush that is a “smaller” Flow brush. Well, patience is a virtue and all the waiting has finally paid off. We’ve done some initial work with the new Mini Flow Brush and we could not be happier with its quality and versatility.

Mini Flow Brush Stroke Library

You can see how versatile the new Mini Flow is with its ability to do tiny shapes and also large strokes.

Like all of the other members of the Flow family, our Mini Flow finishes strokes with a point easily and gives you the benefits of a fuller brush while still being easy to control.

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The OAS Flow Family

Five Brushes Strong!

With the addition of the Mini Flow brush, our Flow Brush family feels complete. Now for the first time ever, all five brushes are available as a set.

The Flow Brush Set includes: Mini Flow (new), Flow Brush, Medium Flow, Large Flow, and Super Flow.

Flow Brush Set

C2SET: $99.00 sale ($115 reg.)

All 5 members of the Flow Brush Family (Mini, Flow, Medium Flow, Large Flow, and Super Flow) sold as a set with a discounted price

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Beware of Fake Flow Brushes!

We were surprised to meet painters on the East Coast who had purchased brushes sold as “Flow Brushes” that were fakes!

Not only are these brushes not authentic, they were also poor quality brushes that did not come near to the performance of real OAS Flow® Brushes.

Remember Flow Brushes are only sold by OAS and our affiliated teachers!

Authentic OAS Flow brushes have these labels carved by hand on the handles

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