An Artist’s Studio

By Evan Yeh

The place where you paint is important. Artists are intentional about shaping the area in which they do their creative work. Do you have an extra room in your house? Then you should set it up as your studio! Physical locations become the focal point for creative energy and going into a space regularly and summoning your creative energy can make that place increasingly powerful for amplifying and focusing your creative energies.

If you can’t spare a whole room, then section off an area of a room and create your painting set up there. Use a shoji screen or a divider to give the space a sense of privacy and solitude. Finally, make sure you have a set of materials that are set up there for when your painting muse decides to inspire you.

It is clear from our own personal experience and feedback from our extended OAS family of customers, that those who have a dedicated area to paint are always the ones having the most satisfying experience cultivating and expressing their artistry.

So, if you have yet to define your studio space, now is the time. One very helpful tip is to have a separate set of accessories for your studio space. I recommend choosing porcelain accessories for your studio space. There is a luxury that porcelain has when working with ink and colors that adds to the satisfaction of painting. Preparing your colors in the porcelain flower plate or stackable dishes has sensual quality that can help center you in that critical time before you begin to paint. Porcelain accessories also are easier to clean and their extra weight is not a factor in a studio setup that rarely has to be moved.

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