Celebrating 2019 Year of the Pig

By Evan Yeh

Smiling Pig Ink Painting on Feng Paper by Ning Yeh featured inĀ GLS044 Smiling Pig Lesson.

The New Year is upon us. 2019 is here and officially the Chinese or Lunar New Year begins on February 5th. 2019 is the Year of the Pig. For those unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiac, it contains 12 different animals and five associated elements. Depending on your birth year and its associated animal and element, feng-shui practitioners can help you identify key personality characteristics or predict your fortune for the coming year.

For those of you who, like me are skeptical that everyone born in the same year could have the same personality or horoscope predictions, feng-shui practitioners have also assign inner animals, true animals, and secret animals that map to the month, day, and hour you were born. The idea is the largest influence of of your personality is from the year, but the month, day, and hour you were born also have influence in descending order.

According to Feng Shui forecasters 2019, the Year of the Earth Pig actually completes a 12 year lunar calendar cycle so it becomes a year characterized by festivity, celebration and contemplation. Although these energies dominate, it is important to bring a sense of balance to them by exercising caution with financial decisions and keeping up with administrative tasks associated with everyday life.

The energy of introspection and contemplation is particularly valuable to us as artists as these provide us with an opportunity to discover what is inside us, and to direct these ideas, emotions, and truths towards endeavors of artistic expression.

It is so important that we remember that the primary purpose of art is expression. In that way, it is something that transcends judgement. If approached with this primary goal in mind, the practice of brush painting can be a wonderful, freeing activity that becomes an instrument for you to express who you are and who you are becoming!

Join the rest of the OAS Family and we dance our brushes into 2019 as a celebration of the end of a 12 year cycle, appreciating the things that have happened in this last cycle and setting new intentions for the coming cycle.

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