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We are a growing community of enthusiasts who have discovered the wonderful joy of painting and studying Chinese Brush Painting or Sumi-e. Whether you have found the art form via an interest in chinese culture and consider yourself a Chinese Brush Painter or through japanese culture and consider yourself a sumi-e artist, our mission is to provide this website to you as a resource to share your artistic journey with like-minded people and gain knowledge and joy from the process.

If you are looking for or have found wonderful Chinese brushes or Japanese brushes, we have a number of recommendations given to us by artists from around the world. Whether you prefer to use Mountain Horse brushes or Wolf Hair brushes, or the soft goat hair brushes, we want to share the knowledge that will allow you to choose the best brush for the best purpose. We also are bringing together resources to discover different types of Rice Paper or Xuan Paper (Shuen Paper), like Double Xuan (Double Shuen) or Single Xuan (Single Shuen). We want to share what our commmunity knows about painting on Raw Rice Paper versus sized Rice Paper. What exactly is Mulberry Paper and why is it used? What paper should I use for what subjects? What about a good quality, inexpensive Rice paper for practice?

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OAS Art Youth Showcase

Let's Try - Grass Orchid Flower

Graceful flower letting us know the beginning of spring.

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Featured Artist

Chao Shao-An

Acclaimed artist Chao Shao-an's works bring Western emphasis on creativity to Asian art by communicating poetic mood and natural beauty through subject, brush-work, color, form, perspective and composition.
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Book of the Month

ABC of Chinese Painting

A.B.C compliments the Instructional Guide by offering more step-by-step, learn by yourself instruction and expanding on traditional Chinese brush painting.
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